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Quicksilver Controls has introduced a CiA DSP 402 CANopen servo motor controller.

The Silverdust IGK is a stand-alone, single-axis controller, which includes serial communications (RS-232, RS-485), CANopen and seven I/O.

CANopen can be configured for peer-to-peer, master or slave, allowing the controllers to share I/O with other CANopen controllers and third-party CANopen devices, such as I/O blocks and encoders.

CiA DSP 402 refers to CAN in Automation (CiA) Draft Standard Proposal (DSP) 402 CANopen drives and motion control device profile.

This profile defines such functions as start-up and homing techniques as well as motion profiles.

A host controller, such as a programmable logic controller (PLC), supporting CiA DSP 402 could command multiple CiA DSP 402 motor controllers.

CiA DSP 402 runs on top of CANopen (CiA DSP 302 v4.0).

The RS-232/RS-485 serial network runs in parallel to CANopen for supervisory control from a host, such as a PC, a PLC or a human-machine interface.

The IGK is designed to serve QuickSilver’s NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 frame I-Grade servo motors.

Seven bi-directional I/O can be broken out using a QCI’s basic breakouts (QCI-BO-B, QCI-BO-B1 or QCI-BO-B1A) or, if 24V I/O is needed, using the QCI-BO-B52.

The controller has: 12-48V DC input power; a built-in voltage clamp; seven TTL, bi-directional I/O for 24V-use QCI-BO-B52; four analogue inputs; 32K non-volatile memory; R2-232/485 ASCI, binary, modbus; CANopen, CiA DSP 302/402; 100:1 inertial mismatch; PVIA servo loop; point-to-point moves; profile moves; electronic gearing/camming; and multiple-thread programming.

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