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R and W has unveiled a range of zero-maintenance, stainless-steel bellows couplings for measurements up to 100,000Nm that are engineered to run smoothly for decades, according to the company.

The BX range of bellows serves to alleviate misalignment loading between adjacent bearing sets while transmitting rotary power. 

A variety of standard and custom mounting options are available, as well as hubs, flanges and intermediate tubing, fabricated from high-strength steel. 

Key specifications

BX1 with Flange Mounting

  • Mounting flanges are welded directly to the bellows
  • Power is transmitted through the BX1 by means of a frictional flange connection
  • Torque ratings of flanges are calculated based on the pressure generated by the bolt circle arrangement, the diameter into which they have been arranged and the coefficient of friction of the flange surfaces
  • Suits drive systems with shock loading, reversals and high duty cycles

BX4 with Keyway Mounting

  • Low backlash coupling transmits torque purely though the form fit of a shaft key or spline
  • Quick and easy installation and removal of the coupling hubs
  • In lieu of keyway connections, spline connections provide additional security and surface-area contact with good stress distribution characteristics
  • Can be a good solution for a more compact design, as the necessary shaft-engagement length can then be reduced
  • Suited to unidirectional drive applications, which must accelerate, even to high speeds, and maintain those speeds for prolonged periods

BX6 with Conical Clamping Ring

  • Makes use of a high-pressure, keyless, frictional clamping connection
  • Conical clamping-ring system consists of two components: the clamping ring and the hub
  • Clamping ring is drawn over a slotted tapered section of the hub by means of a set of fastening bolts
  • Sliding the two tapered surfaces against one another creates a high level of surface pressure in the vertical direction, compressing onto the cylindrical shaft
  • Resulting contact force eliminates the need for keyways and is suitable for transmitting extremely high-torque levels depending on the diameter of the shaft
  • Has many planes of symmetry across its length
  • Suited to very high rotational speeds as a result of the low residual imbalance

R and W Coupling Technology

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