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RA Rodriguez, a precision engineering component specialist, has announced the availability in the UK of Framo Morat power transmission products for stage technology.

The company claims that the products offer a high power-to-weight ratio, quiet running, easy start-up, integrated limit switches and reliability.

At this year’s Theatre Technicians show, visitors will be able to see the company’s Linearchain and Compacta geared motors in operation on a special demonstration unit developed for this application sector.

In particular, it shows how the low installation height of the Linearchain creates a discrete but highly robust lifting mechanism.

It also introduces a variant of the Compacta motor with a double braking system to meet the industry’s stringent safety standards.

The design of the precision chain links in the Linearchain actuation system, enabling it to push and pull heavy loads.

The special chain with interlocking links enables the chain to roll up for efficient storage in one direction and form a rigid thrust device in the other.

In the magazine, the chain is stored spirally within a narrow chamber, making it suitable for applications calling for long strokes where space is at a premium.

It provides high positioning accuracy, constant stroke speed and shock-free motion.

It is partnered with the Compacta geared motor to power lifting tables.

The company claims that models in the range are up to 10kg lighter than the nearest competitors with the same output torque and speed.

The Compacta also provides 22 output-speed options by comparison with a maximum of three available on alternatives and its motor choices offer a range of power and duty cycles.

The design’s adjustable mechanical limit switch contributes to the product’s flexibility with a speed range of 0.9rpm to 193rpm and output torques from 6Nm to 600Nm.

The Compacta AG60 and MR30 models, which are now available with a double brake, will be on show at Theatre Technicians.

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