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Calibration Dynamics is offering Scanivalve’s DSA3016 rack-mounted digital sensor array, specifically designed for multiple pressure measurements.

The module is suitable for measuring pressures in industrial applications where ambient temperature may vary, such as turbo machinery, turbine engines and compressors.

Each module incorporates 16 temperature-compensated piezoresistive pressure sensors along with a pneumatic calibration valve.

The DSA3016’s features include DSP technology (digital signal processing), an increased pressure range of 0-850psid, scan rate of 625 samples/channel/second, and dual-range capability.

DSP is a programmable device capable of fast mathematical functions that, in turn, operate on the data stream in real time.

Up to eight DSA3016 modules can be incorporated into the DSAENCL 4000 Pressure Acquisition System.

DSP technology is at the heart of this 19in rack-mounted enclosure to maximise process efficiency.

A Micro SD memory card that can be used for storing data is included with the device.

The enclosure utilises a pressure temperature look-up table to compensate the pressure sensors for temperature changes, thereby reducing thermal errors.

The DSP processor also controls the actuation of an internal calibration valve to perform on-line zero calibrations.

The DSMENCL 4000 also incorporates a power supply and 16bit A/D converter.

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