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The Racor Division of Parker Hannifin has introduced its updated FW water-absorbing filters, which remove free water from hydrocarbon fuels.

Benefits include long element life, high efficiency particulate and water removal from fuel, low initial pressure drop, industry-standard element dimensions, and biodiesel compatibility, all of which help end users improve the productivity and profitability of applications in the industrial and process sectors.

The Racor FW water-absorbing cartridge incorporates specially developed, super-absorbent filter media that effectively and reliably remove water and micronic contaminants from diesel fuel, gasoline, hydraulic fluids, aviation gas and other hydrocarbons.

The filters work by chemically locking water into the media and holding it in suspension, preventing downstream contamination, even when surfactants or water-dispersing fuel additives are mixed in.

In particular, the FW filter cartridges remove water down to less than 5ppm, with each cartridge holding up to four litres of water and up to 196g of solids.

Parker Racor FW cartridges are compatible with industry-standard filter vessels sized for 5 x 12, 6 x 14, 7 x 18 and 8 x 22 cartridges, and are interchangeable with many industry-replacement elements.

Parker Racor also offers water-removing spin-on filters in popular industry sizes and micron ratings of one, five, 10 and 30.

They are compatible with most fuels, including diesel blends up to B20, and for use at refineries with process streams, finished product at petrochemical plants, through the petrochemical storage and distribution systems, and at the point of consumption.

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