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The M10372 GPS Radionova is a planar-mount GPS Radio Antenna Module that is suited for embedded GPS, machine-to-machine (M2M) and mobile device applications.

These include personal navigation devices (PNDs), automatic vehicle locators (AVLs), trackers and portable media players (PMPs).

It incorporates CSR’s SirfstarIV GPS chipset with Antenova’s antenna technology in a compact, low-profile package.

New features include an adaptive micro-power controller to maintain hot-start conditions with minimal power consumption and an active jammer remover that helps maximise performance in potentially noisy environments.

The improved tracking, navigation and acquisition sensitivity of the SirfstarIV chip combined with Antenova’s high-performing omni-directional antenna makes the M10372 suitable for next-generation embedded device and M2M applications.

The M10372 has been designed to provide existing GPS Radionova customers with an easy migration path for their next-generation products.

The M10372 is a highly integrated GPS RF antenna module suitable for L1-band GPS and A-GPS systems.

The device combines CSR’s SirfstarIV GSD4e GPS receiver IC with Antenova’s high-efficiency antenna technology.

All front-end components are contained in a 29 x 13 x 4.7mm single-package laminate base module, providing a complete GPS receiver for optimum performance.

M10372 operates on a single 1.8V positive bias supply with ultra-low power consumption and available low-power modes for further power savings.

M10372 is supported by Sirf standalone software and is compatible with UART, SPI and I2C host processor interfaces.

Custom versions of the module can also incorporate an antenna switch for optional active antenna connection.

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