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Rainford Precision Machines has announced that it is the new UK distributor for Kyocera Micro Tools.

The addition of micro-precision cutting tools from Kyocera is intended to complement the current Rainford offering of Union Tool cutting tools and the German-produced Kern high-precision machining centres.

Rainford will initially be offering the Kyocera range of micro boring bars for the machining of extremely small holes and forms as well as the M0.5 to M8 range of threadmills.

The micro-precision boring bars have a hexagonal form to enhance clamping and rigidity.

The clamping rigidity is claimed to deliver a long tool life and good surface finishes considering the 3.18mm diameter.

The 38mm-long boring bars are available from 0.4mm to 1.7mm in diameter in 0.1mm increments, with further bars from 2mm to 8mm available in 0.5mm increments; additional diameters are available upon request.

The boring bars are produced from ultra-wear-resistant micrograin carbide.

This new series can machine low- and high-carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium, cast iron, aluminium, plastics, copper and brass.

The threadmills are available from M0.5 to M1.1 in 0.1mm increments, with M1.2 to M2 available in 0.2 increments.

The full range incorporates a variety of sizes up to M8.

The extra-wear-resistant micrograin carbide threadmills are available uncoated or with an AlTiN coating.

The threadmills are also suitable for UN thread forms.

As well as offering the Kyocera range of threadmills and boring bars, Rainford will also be introducing the Kyocera series of tools for machining ceramics and composites as well as offering products for machining dental implants and intraocular lenses.

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