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Two Kaltenbach KBS1301 DG CNC bandsawing machines have been installed as part of a twin-line structural steel processing complex at Rainham Steel.

The two KBS bandsaws are integrated elements of a CNC-controlled, 100m long Kaltenbach installation, comprising saws, drill, shot blaster and automated paint line, all within a new purpose-built plant at the Rainham Steel site in Scunthorpe.

The KBS bandsaws are designed for the heavy duty cutting requirements of structural and general stockholding steel, solids, sections and tube and integrate fully with the other line processes, including a Kaltenbach KDX1215 NC three-axis, five-tools-per- spindle NC drilling system.

The KBS1301 DG bandsaw enables accurate cutting to length of columns, beams and hollow sections or solids at 90 degrees or incrementally mitred left/right up to 40 degrees/30 degrees respectively, via NC control.

Variable speed control with a frequency controlled drive motor, together with automatic electro-hydraulic control of cutting pressures, help ensure optimum cutting conditions for material type and section.

The precise cut length required is automatically selected even when cutting mitres.

Kaltenbach DSTV+ compliant software interacts with Rainham Steel’s Winsteel software, via each machine’s touch-screen console, enabling user-friendly setting of all cutting requirements.

Processing instructions are downloaded to each machine from the sites production control department.

Interlinked conveyors and crossways integrate the entire system.

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