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The Power Cube control system from Ralspeed can be used for controlling multiple submersible pumps in borehole and similar applications.

The system can replace up to six ordinary control panels.

Available in two sizes covering 1-15kW and 15-60kW respectively, it houses four soft starters, a distribution panel and an ultrasonic/GSM panel in a robust IP65 enclosure with a rain canopy and a rigid mounting frame.

This reduces the amount of wiring needed on site and minimises the time it takes to get pump control systems up and running.

Fitted with a special wide-range overload facility, the starters in the Power Cube can control and fully protect motors.

Earth leakage and MCCB protection is provided as standard, together with emergency stop facilities.

The Power Cube offers a wide range of control options.

It can be used with ultrasonic or float switch level controllers and can be configured for the pumps to run completely independently, or in any combination for duty/standby operation.

An intelligent relay is also provided to allow users to cater for special control requirements.

Provision is made for local or remote control and a built-in wireless telemetry system allows status information to be sent automatically in the form of text messages to a mobile phone, or as emails to any nominated address.

The telemetry system also allows trip conditions to be reset via text or email messages, which can often eliminate the need for costly and inconvenient site visits.

Ralspeed said that the installation of the Power Cube is straightforward.

The rigid frame allows it to be mounted on almost any stable flat surface and only a single cable is needed to the power supply.

Once the connections to the pump motors and the level controllers have been made and the overloads have been set, the unit is ready for immediate use.

Ralspeed Power Cubes are available for rent or for outright purchase and can usually be supplied ex-stock for immediate delivery.

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