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Ramaer is providing fast and accurate quotations using Ucamco’s Integr8tor software.

The company installed the software in July 2008 to automate data input and analysis in the sales department.

By spending less time preparing quotations, the sales department has more time to follow up quotations with customers and prospects.

Previously, Ramaer’s sales team prepared costings against customers’ written specifications or using a Gerber viewer.

As a result, the team could miss potential production problems.

There were also additional costs to consider.

Complex jobs had to be sent to the computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) department for detailed analysis.

This wasted CAM time if the company did not get the order.

Now, however, the sales team loads the incoming data directly into Integr8tor.

The software reads the CAM data automatically, builds up the stack and runs a detailed design analysis within minutes.

Integr8tor outputs a set of key figures that are entered into the costing system to provide an accurate price.

In the majority of cases, the process is completely automatic.

If the data is incomplete or ambiguous, Integr8tor flags up the issues and requests manual assistance via menus and on-screen graphics.

Some critical production information such as copper weights, board thicknesses or special materials cannot be embedded in Gerber data.

Today, this information is entered manually, which takes time, even with Integr8tor’s menu structure.

As Integr8tor runs a complete design analysis, Ramaer can feed back any manufacturability issues before receiving an order.

The sales engineers can also offer suggestions to customers to enhance the manufacturability of their designs, allowing them to cut the costs of production, improve yields and enhance performance.

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