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Rampak is a protection system from Ramfoam that is said to enable anyone to handcraft bespoke protection foam inserts quickly and easily.

Rampak allows users to make a custom insert to ensure that an item can be secured safely within an existing storage system, a drawer or even a tote box.

By producing Plastazote sheet material that is cut into 10mm squares, but leaving the corners tacked together, the user can pick and pluck an area by hand, so creating a bespoke shape without the need for specialist machining.

There remains sufficient give in the foam material to gently grip and support the item during transportation and storage.

Using this method, the user can create a shape that will hold an object securely at its extreme points, providing suitable protection and support.

Multi-layering of the Rampak sheets opens up a range of possibilities for the protection of irregular, three-dimensional objects.

Rampak is available in a range of colours and a variety of thicknesses.

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