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Simply 3D was approached by a military equipment manufacturer with a project for a new speed-loader design.

After being given the design brief, the speed loader was modelled up in 3D using CAD 3D software and a set of 2D drawings were sent to the client.

Simply 3D then used the computer-generated model for the 3D printing to produce a flexible and durable working model from ABS plastic, which incorporated workable moving parts and an exceptional surface finish.

The models produced by Simply 3D have pieces that actually snap or fit together, and the models can be sanded, painted, tapped, drilled or chrome plated.

Key benefits to customer

  • With the ABS plastic model, the manufacturer was able to embark upon easier ‘form, fit and function’ testing
  • By being given a flexible working model that offered tactile and visual feedback, the customer was easily able to uncover alterations that needed to be made before tweaking the final prototypes
  • Simply 3D says that its method of rapid prototyping has a much faster turnaround than traditional methods and can potentially save up to six months of development time at only a tenth of the cost

Simply 3D

Here at Simply 3D, we provide a professional, cost effective CAD Design Service for all types of clientèle.

Producing 3D models of parts and Assemblies using the latest 3D software from your sketches, old drawings and ideas. This enables us to produce a complete set of 2D drawings of each part, including drawings of the assemblies, showing every detail required to produce each part and full construction of the finished design, complete with BOM’s (Bill of Material’s). Everything is linked, so if changes are required, everything updates so making the process that much quicker.

A matter of days and not weeks
For the customer who is designing something new, we are also able to produce a solid 3D Prototype model of the product enabling you to hold it in your hands so cutting out the expensive traditional prototype route and reduce the time it takes to receive the model back, a matter of days and not weeks.

If your design also as moving parts such as cylinders, bearings, gears etc…., we can accommodate this as well, so making sure that you, our customer, are able to show your clients a working scale model of the design that much sooner, imagine the impact of showing 3D prototype model to your customer, no more misunderstanding’s with traditional 2D drawing’s or 3D Visualizations.

Reduce your overheads
From past experience, we know that many small businesses do not have or indeed want the resources to have an ‘in house’ CAD department or wish to spend money on equipment and software that will rarely be used. However, by outsourcing to us, you can help reduce your overheads, save on office space and work with fixed upfront quotations.

Not only does this save you money, but allows you greater control of your tendering costs, thus allowing you to work competitively and remain ahead of your competitors.

You can rest assured all work is carried out to the highest quality and is tailored to suit your needs regardless of the size of your company.

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