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Technology Education Concepts (TEC) has introduced the BFB Rapmanpro 3000 multi-colour 3D printer.

This makes advanced rapid-prototyping technology more accessible to schools, colleges and commercial engineers and manufacturers.

Similar to the BFB RapmanUSA 3D-printer kit, the BFB Rapmanpro converts 3D data from design software programs into physical models; much as desktop printers convert word-processing files into physical documents.

However, unlike the RapmanUSA, which is built from a kit, the BFB Rapmanpro comes fully assembled in a well-constructed housing of brushed aluminium and stainless steel.

With the new Netfab Professional for Rapman process-software, and its ability to carry three extruder heads, the BFB Rapmanpro delivers high-end functionality and allows far more complex build-parts with support, at a far faster speed, and the ability to build multiple models at the same time, using multiple colours.

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