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S and S Inspection has introduced the Raycon X-ray system for end-of-line inspection and contamination detection in the food industry.

The Raycon incorporates the latest X-ray imaging and image recognition techniques to reliably detect both metallic and non-metallic contamination including glass, ceramics, stones, raw bones, and some types of plastics, even in aluminium and other types of metallic packaging.

In addition to contamination detection, the Raycon will detect product defects ranging from flavour clumps and entrapped air to missing or broken components.

The image processing software allows ‘desired’ products, such as aluminium end clips on sausages, to be masked out.

The S and S Raycon has the X-ray source mounted under the conveyor to ensure that even products approaching the maximum height are fully scanned.

The system is controlled by a built-in industry-standard, high-performance PC running the QNX real-time operating system to provide auto-train and multi-product specification storage using an intuitive graphical user interface on a touch-screen 12in LCD monitor.

In the auto-train mode, the image processing system is trained to recognise a good product by passing a known, perfect product sample through the machine so that a template can be stored in memory.

In operation, the system automatically rejects any product that deviates from the template.

In addition to the simple machine stop and alarm on detection, the Raycon can be fitted with a range of pneumatic and mechanical automatic rejection methods.

The S and S Raycon is available with conveyor widths of 300mm and 400mm to suit products up to 400mm wide and 200mm high at up to 600 items per minute.

A range of input and output connections and an Ethernet interface allow the Raycon to be integrated with existing and new production lines and control systems.

The optional Remote Portal allows data backup to a central computer and remote monitoring and maintenance from any PC with an internet connection.

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