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The Jena Tec SBC range of linear rail uses Raydent coating technology, which allows the rails to be used in corrosive environments, food-grade applications and cleanroom standard machinery.

Raydent coating is a technology deposited by low-temperature electrochemical bonded chrome ceramic particles diffusion bonded to provide a layer up to 1mm thick on the surface of the metallic substrate.

The method of coating deposition ensures no hydrogen embrittlement takes place while a high degree of elasticity is maintained in the coating.

Even while the steel substrate is flexed and placed under repeated external deformation or bending, the coating maintains its appearance and performance and is free from flakes, chips and cracks that may appear in other anti-corrosion treatments such as chrome or nickel plating.

Jena Tec said that tests conducted on linear rail within materials testing institutes showed that for a variety of tests, SBC rail coated with Raydent outperformed alternative electro chemical methods with no evidence of rust, whereas traditional coatings such as chrome plating corroded significantly.

Raydent was also said to be effective in concentrated sulphuric acid environments, sodium hydroxide and salt water spray tests with no evidence of degradation.

Specially treated to order, the Jena Tec SBC Raydent-treated range provides a lifetime performance in excess of 10 years.

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