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Express Logic and Mips Technologies have published ‘Real-Time Embedded Multi-Threading: Using ThreadX and Mips’ by Edward Lamie PhD, professor emeritus at California State University, Stanislaus.

The textbook introduces software developers to the use of a royalty-free real-time operating system (RTOS) and offers examples of the use of application threads to manage real-time programming on Mips-based platforms.

‘Real-Time Embedded Multi-Threading’ offers a complete guide for the developer or student.

It begins with a discussion of general concepts and terminology and quickly moves on to a specific demonstration system that investigates the salient characteristics of the reference processor (MIPS32 core), thoroughly explores the services and features of the reference RTOS (Express Logic’s ThreadX) and culminates with a major case study.

Sample chapters, such as ‘The Thread – The Essential Component’, ‘Memory Management: Byte Pools and Block Pools’ and ‘Thread Communication with Message Queues’ expose pitfalls and problem areas and point to possible solutions.

Perfect for embedded systems programmers, software engineers, electrical engineers or firmware engineers with a programming background in C or C++, the book examines many ways in which the reference processor and RTOS can be optimally combined.

The book includes a CD featuring a Win32-based ThreadX demonstration system complete with all the sample systems, end-of-chapter projects and case studies.

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