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Red Lion Controls has announced the G3 Series HMI Brochure, a 12-page, full-colour resource describing the company’s line of web-enabled, graphic operator interface terminals.

Red Lion HMIs combine data logging, remote monitoring and serial communications to deliver data management.

The brochure provides an overview of this platform, as well as diagrams illustrating the products’ data acquisition, logging and protocol conversion.

Seven models are available in Red Lion’s G3 Series – from the compact, monochrome 3in interface terminal to the 15in TFT analogue colour touch screen.

All models feature a built-in protocol convertor that supports more than 170 different industrial protocols, delivering the flexible data management platform.

The brochure also details the value of the G3 Kadet, available in three models, which provides G3 Series features at a cost-effective price.

The G3 Kadet offers simple protocol conversion, user-friendly configuration through Red Lion’s free downloadable Crimson software, and integrated Ethernet on larger models.

Both standard G3 Series HMIs and the G3 Kadet are easily programmed using Crimson’s drag-and-drop interface – allowing users to efficiently set up control application devices, collect and log performance data, display it or trigger PLC functions.

Because Crimson uses a common interface for configuring all G3 HMIs, users only need to learn one programming language to set up protocols on any G3 model.

Along with outlining the G3’s features, the brochure provides a specifications chart containing product images for simple reference.

It also demonstrates how G3 HMIs can be used with Red Lion devices such as the Data Station Plus and two new graphic displays – the multi-colour, panoramic Plant Floor Marquee and red LED Big Flexible Display – to deliver a complete integrated plant floor solution.

To download or request the G3 Series HMI Brochure, please visit the company’s website.

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