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The RO06-Plus batch reflow oven from Essemtech offers integrated microprocessor control that provides a large set of predefined soldering and curing programs to make it simple for beginners.

For experienced users, the control includes enough free memory for their own temperature profiles.

The RO06-Plus consists of two process zones, a sealed heat chamber and an open cooling section.

A motorised drawer drives the substrates between the two zones, which offer fully automatic processing.

The oven features an integrated microprocessor control that ensures soldering or curing temperatures and times are met according to the program.

The hot process chamber includes a full convection heating system for even temperature distribution with smallest Delta-T values, while the quartz lamp support enables steep ramping.

Temperatures up to 300C and process times up to 18 hours can be stored.

The large view window allows the process to be observed.

This feature, in combination with the process pausing function, is mainly used in the areas of material testing or process evaluation.

If a new soldering profile or materials have to be evaluated, the soldering process can be extended manually until the desired result can be observed through the window.

For process documentation, the oven can measure temperatures directly on the processed materials by thermocouples.

Zone and material temperatures are shown on the integrated LCD or can be transmitted via an RS232 interface to external plotting and recording software such as RO-Soft.

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