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Refood is using a packaged hot water boiler system consisting of 12 FHE-250 modular hot water boilers from Fulton at its anaerobic digestion plant in Widnes.

During the tendering process, Fulton presented a solution to provide multiple small hot water boilers, which, additionally, gave Refood spare capacity during scheduled maintenance or if one of the boilers malfunctioned. According to Saria, Refood’s parent company, the Fulton design was considerably better than anything seen from its competitors.

Commercial food waste delivered to the Refood site is processed through an anaerobic digester, a natural method that biologically breaks down food material to produce biogas. Once the biogas is upgraded to the standard required, it is then injected back into the national grid.

Fulton’s boiler installation at Refood is providing multiple functions. Its two primary functions are to provide hot water for the cleaning of the site and hot water for washing and sterilisation of the food waste bins. The boiler system also provides heat to the pasteurisers prior to the anaerobic digesters. To comply with ABP regulations, legislation dictates that pasteurised food waste has to be maintained at 70°C for one hour. Heat from the boiler system is also used for the underfloor heating system in the offices and other ancillary processes on site.

Fulton’s highly efficient, low-temperature FHE-250 hot water boiler features a fully condensing, stainless steel heat exchanger and its modular approach to design also means that additional boilers can be combined to suit any application and hot water requirement.

The FHE-250 uses a single control panel, which is capable of controlling a single unit or a modular installation.

Key benefits of product application

  • Refood was impressed with the design, installation and the fact that heat and hot water from Fulton’s boilers are used for so many functions.
  • Refood is also discussing maintenance packages with Fulton.

The Fulton name has been synonymous with steam since the company first introduced the vertical tubeless steam boiler in 1949 and Fulton was established in Bristol in 1966. Fulton is still one of the world’s leading manufacturers, producing an unrivalled range of multi-fuel steam boilers. But increasingly these are ordered by customers as part of bespoke turnkey systems designed to meet exacting specifications.

Today Fulton Ltd is an important design and manufacturing base in Fulton’s global network that also includes production facilities in the US and China. The company’s UK facility makes it possible to manufacture products more efficiently and to assemble completed units for whenever and wherever they are needed throughout the UK and in export markets.

Once just a steam boiler manufacturer, Fulton now specialises in ready-to-ship skid-mounted and fully packaged boiler plant rooms to meet the current demand for off-site fabrication. The company puts great emphasis on providing sales and application advice and a full commissioning and after-sales service to a growing customer base in hospital and healthcare facilities, food and beverage processing, laundries and other applications.

Design and manufacturing resources are shared and co-ordinated around the world, but no matter where your product originates it will always be produced to the highest quality in a facility that is wholly owned and managed by the Fulton Group, which remains a privately owned family business.

Fulton’s heating and hot-water systems can be delivered as fully prefabricated plant rooms or complete skid-mounted units, built to fit a prepared location and to connect direct to your services.

Using the latest CAD equipment, its design team can accommodate the most sophisticated engineering specifications in surprisingly compact spaces, locating components in the best possible position to suit the installation.

In every sense, today’s Fulton boiler systems are solutions that fit the requirements of the modern age of steam.

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