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Stratophase is to demonstrate Spectrosens – an inline option for multipoint liquid concentration tracking by refractive index measurement – at Achema 2009 in Germany.

Spectrosens is capable of detecting minute changes in the chemical composition of liquids.

At the core of the system is an optical silicon chip, which, by measuring refractive index, accurately analyses changes in any liquid on the surface of the chip.

When functionalised, it can also directly measure the binding of antigens to antibodies attached to the chip surface.

Suitable for use in laboratories and for point testing in a production environment, multiple sensors can also be optically networked over large areas to a single readout unit, offering economical multipoint measurements.

Using optical signals means that the Spectrosens devices do not need electrical power, and are therefore intrinsically safe for use in flammable environments, making the technology a cost-effective option for use in hazardous areas, or with combustible chemicals.

The optical technology also means that the sensor systems are unaffected by electromagnetic interference.

The ability to make multi-wavelength measurements at a single point offers the potential for compositional ‘fingerprinting’ of liquids, further increasing the depth of information available to the user.

The Spectrosens chip’s real-time data-gathering capability enables simultaneous measurement of reaction kinetics for multiple biochemical targets or multipoint inline measurements for continuous process monitoring.

Stratophase has developed the Spectrosens technology based on proven science from telecoms, optics and biotech.

The sensor chips are customisable for specific applications and Stratophase is working with customers to develop bespoke and cost-effective systems to suit industry-specific highly specialised requirements.

The technology also has applications in counter-bioterrorism, pharmaceutical manufacturing and food and drink manufacturing.


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