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The Arctic Energy range of compressed-air refrigerant dryers from Hi-Line Industries provides an operating efficiency designed to achieve a minimum energy profile.

The dryers are suitable for operation at air pressures from 4bar to 16bar, with ex-compressor air inlet temperatures from 0C to +55C being accommodated.

Airline dewpoint settings from +2C to +10C are maintained by a digital controller, within an ambient working condition range of 0C to +45C.

By using the latest control and heat exchanger technologies, the dryer compressor is only operated when the preset dewpoint is exceeded.

This ensures optimum energy efficiency in operation, with further savings achieved by ensuring that, even in ‘no-demand’ conditions where a main compressor is shut down (such as overnight), there will also be no residual energy demand by the dryer units.

This overcomes the common practice of leaving dryer units running continuously as their compressors are viewed as low-energy units.

During normal operation, incoming warm, wet pressurised air from the compressor passes through an air-to-air heat exchanger within the dryer where it is pre-cooled by the already-processed outgoing cold, dry air.

This helps to reduce the load on the dryer compressor to save energy.

The compressed-air supply then passes through an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger that further cools down the air to a preset dewpoint.

Where this is set at +2C, water in the processed air condenses into water droplets.

This condensate can be automatically removed as bulk water by auto drain, which should preferably be a Hi-line Gen 2 oil/water separator unit to ensure the environmentally safe disposal of both liquids.

As the final stage, the cool/dry processed air is then passed back through the air-to-air heat exchanger where it picks up heat from the incoming pre-processed air stream.

This further reduces the relative humidity in the processed air to help prevent both the internal corrosion and external condensation of the downstream airline system pipework.

A total of 32 models are available ex-stock (next-day delivery) covering flow rates from 8scfm to 895scfm, with larger dryers up to 9,080scfm also available to order.

They all feature digital dewpoint display with compressor protection provided by high-/low-pressure switches.

Refrigerant gas and dryer pressure manometers are also fitted.

Single-phase 230V operation is available up to 506scfm flow, with three-phase operation available above 506scfm flow rates.

Only approved Freon gas refrigerants are used (R134a or R407c) and Hi-line is registered with Refcom as being competent to handle refrigerants.

All dryers are designed for maximum commonality across the range and are finished in RAL5015 (compressed air blue).

Ten-year optional warranties are also available.

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