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Rehm Thermal Systems has announced the launch of a series of firing systems for solar cell metallisation to complement its recently updated line of drying systems.

The RFS and RFS-D fast firing systems and the RDS 2100 and 3000 drying ovens feature Rehm’s Visu2 software, which drives a range of advanced process features and thermal control to enable PV manufacturers to move their processes to a new level of efficiency and yield.

Visu2 incorporates process and product traceability tools, remote diagnostics and an extensive product library within an interface that is designed to accelerate set-up time and reduce operator training.

Extensive system documentation is available with a few keystrokes, and Visu2 offers password-protected security levels as well as multilingual operations, data recording and maintenance logging.

Process and product traceability are supported via bar code and data recording of all relevant process parameters with time stamps.

With its CCS (Capability Control System), Rehm Thermal Systems offers the ability to monitor process capability during the production process.

CCS is based upon the measurement of temperatures in all of the oven’s heat zones for each individual cell, as well as measurement of conveyor speed.

CCS automatically translates the data and creates control charts where both momentary results and long-term trends are displayed as graphics.

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