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Rehm Thermal Systems has announced the launch of a flux residue management system deployed within the heating zones of its VXP convection reflow ovens.

Rehm Pyrolysis is the thermally-induced decomposition of organic compounds.

Complex molecules are broken down into simpler substances with the use of high temperatures (500-900C) taking place in a largely oxygen free (anaerobic) environment to avoid burning.

‘Pyrolysis is the thermal splitting of long molecular chains into shorter ones, which reduces the amount of condensable waste and unwanted dripping within the process chamber,’ said Rehm chief commercial officer, Marc Dalderup.

‘The remaining residues are then captured within a special granulate.’ Rehm Pyrolysis is nearly maintenance free, requiring only an exchange of the granulate at 12-month intervals.

‘The VisionXP’s complete residue management system combines Pyrolysis action mechanisms in the preheating and peak zones with cold condensation in the cooling zone,’ added Dalderup.

‘In this manner, both the amount of liquid residues and crystalline residues are dramatically reduced.’ As a result, Rehm claims that the VisionXP achieves a higher efficiency than similar systems using other techniques by providing a cleaner process chamber and extended maintenance intervals.

Rehm Thermal Systems

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