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Rehm Thermal Systems is to showcase its range of convection and condensation soldering systems at Apex 2009 in Las Vegas on 31 March-2 April.

Visitors to the show will be able to see demonstrations of the company’s Condenso Vacuum condensation soldering system and VisionX Series convection soldering system.

The Condenso soldering system is an advanced condensation reflow soldering solution equipped to handle the complex demands of lead-free solder alloys for PCBs with a large thermal mass.

Offering a range of advantages over traditional vapour phase soldering systems, Condenso delivers highly effective thermal transfer due to the even release of heat during condensation and the constant temperature of the medium.

The specific boiling point limits Condenso’s maximum soldering temperature, preventing damage by overheating.

Subjecting the molten solder to a vacuum, Condenso enables remaining residues and gas inclusions to easily escape to guarantee void-free soldering with lead-free solders.

Rehm Thermal Systems will also showcase the Vision Series convection reflow soldering equipment.

Available with either an air or nitrogen atmosphere, the VisionX Series also incorporates an integrated residue management system that includes the company’s new Rehm Pyrolysis technology in the heat zones.

The virtually maintenance-free Pyrolysis splits long molecular chains into shorter ones to reduce the amount of condensable waste and unwanted dripping within the process chamber.

The result is efficient and environmentally friendly disposal of contamination and increased user productivity.

Rehm Thermal Systems

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