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Rehm is to showcase its range of convection and condensation as well as vacuum condensation systems at Productronica 2009 in Munich on 10-13 November 2009.

The company will also present a live demonstration of its Pyrolysis residue management technology at the event and reveal solar equipment for the metallisation line.

The company’s VisionXP convection soldering system is said to offer a series of benefits including process reliability, minimal maintenance and ease of use.

Pyrolysis technology, which is incorporated in VisionXP’s residue management system, is said to shorten long molecular chains to reduce the amount of condensable waste within the process chamber.

Operating at approximately 500C, Pyrolysis ensures a clean and dry reflow system for efficient and environmentally friendly disposal of contamination.

A feature of the VisionXP is the separately adjustable bottom cooling in the cooling zone for faster cooling, more flexible cooling gradients and warp prevention.

The team at Rehm Thermal Systems will also unveil the company’s VisionXS convection reflow soldering system at Productronica 2009.

VisionXS features a simplified layout and prioritises accessibility and repeatable soldering results.

The system is characterised by its low consumption values, along with a reliable conveyor and good process stability.

Rehm’s Condenso condensation soldering system with vacuum will also be on display.

Condenso is said to be ideal for the complex requirements of lead-free processes and delivers effective heat transfer for fast and reliable soldering for PCB with large thermal mass.

The medium control system guarantees soldering of difficult boards and tombstone prevention.

Vacuum process control leads to reliable void-free solder joints and minimises splattering.

Rehm claims to be the first to implement on the process chamber of a convection soldering system a microwave plasma generator.

Due to the microwave plasma with the vacuum process it is possible to clean the PCBs from organic residues and oxides.

This results in better wetting conditions, reduces the flux use and guarantees reliable solder joints.

Rehm is also unveiling a host of firing and drying technologies dedicated to the challenges of the solar sector.

The RDS 2100 drying system is equipped with a thermal oxidation unit for lower maintenance times and a conveyor system subdivided between the heating and cooling zones.

The system’s process features are said to enable PV manufacturers to reach a high level of efficiency and yield.

Rehm’s solar product range is completed by the RFS fast firing furnace, featuring a host of design features to drive an advanced metallisation process performance.

The fast fire system is characterised by low-energy consumption and a compact footprint optimising factory floor space while driving down cost of ownership.

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