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Omron has launched two relays developed from the G7L and G8P product families to meet the needs and requirements of renewable energy systems such as electric solar inverter applications.

These applications demand durable power relays capable of switching loads of up to 30A, with a large contact gap of more than 1.5mm to ensure dependable load isolation and a low coil hold on power.

The G7L and G8P(BG) relays are said to provide the ideal feature set for switching relay solutions in these types of applications.

In addition, both relays meet the AC7a switching category with 30Kops at 30A/230VAC and a power factor of 0.8.

The Omron G7L relay with two NO contacts features a sealed, PCB mounting package with mechanical dimensions of 52.5 x 35.5 x 41.0mm.

The G7L provides a durable switching relay solution with two 30A load contacts, a contact gap of more than 3mm for each contact and a low coil hold on voltage of 4.5V.

Voltage loads of up to 280V can be supported.

With a power rating of 7,500VA at one NO contact, the Omron G8P(BG) is a compact, plastic sealed housing relay suitable for PCB or panel-mount applications.

The G8P(BG) is capable of switching a maximum current load of 30A or a maximum AC voltage of 250V.

Featuring a 2.0mm contact gap, the G8P(BG) relay is available in an industry standard PCB mounting package with dimensions of 32.1 x 27.2 x 20.1mm.

Both relays have an operating temperature range of -25C to +85C and have VDE and UL/CSA ratings approval.

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