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Reliance Precision Mechatronics has made a range of fieldbus interfaces available for its Cool Muscle intelligent motors.

Each Cool Muscle is complete with its own 50,000 count encoder, vector drive and fully closed-loop control system, which can be user programmed for a wide range of applications.

Accurate point-to-point motion can be combined with velocity, acceleration, jerk and torque control at speeds from 0.0012rpm to 3,000rpm.

Reliance Cool Muscle is available in two frame lengths and NEMA sizes 11, 17 and 23 for torques up to 0.87Nm continuous (1.24Nm peak).

Clusters of up to 15 Cool Muscle motors can be interconnected in a daisy chain arrangement to create a tightly co-ordinated multi-axis system with no additional supervisory controller.

RS232 and Modbus RTU protocols are standard.

Now, optional Profibus, CANopen, Ethernet and Ethernet/IP modules can be fitted for direct integration with a wide range of PLCs, fieldbus and standard computer networks.

Reliance Cool Muscle gives designers the opportunity to reduce system component count and wiring complexity or extend existing designs without adding new modules to the PLC or fieldbus.

Cool Muscle’s on-board digital and analogue inputs and outputs can be used to attach sensors and control peripheral equipment from the fieldbus backbone.

If one Cool Muscle motor in a cluster is equipped with a Profibus interface then all the motors in the cluster can be controlled by the PLC.

Cool Muscle’s power-saving minimum-current controller and single 24V DC supply make it suitable for mobile, battery-powered applications.

Reliance Cool Muscle is a flexible, low-cost motion system.

Cool Muscle-based pre-built and custom-designed actuators are suitable for one-off laboratory test equipment through to medium-volume end-user equipment.

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