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The Shuttle vertical lift module (VLM) from Remstar allows users to maximise storage capabilities by consolidating multiple departments or work zones into one system using multiple pick windows.

By linking work areas, manufacturing organisations can save up to 85 per cent floor space, increase productivity up to 600 per cent and enhance operator ergonomics, reducing overall costs.

The Remstar Shuttle VLM provides immediate access to parts via an extraction platform and computerised controls for automated storage and retrieval operations.

The unit has the ability to change pick window height or location any time pre or post installation.

By doing so, it can be adapted to the changes in the stored products physical characteristics, warehouse procedure or location requirements.

The small footprint and modular design of the Shuttle VLM can save up to 85 per cent of otherwise wasted floor space and reduce capital acquisition costs.

Organisations can link multiple floors and work zones, eliminating wasted time transporting and searching for material from one area to another, increasing productivity and inventory accuracy.

Providing 100 per cent accessible storage, the Shuttle VLM delivers stored items at an optimised height, eliminating bending, stretching and reaching.

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