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At Productronica 2009, Humiseal introduced the Remuva, a machine designed to effectively and safely remove the most robust coatings from finished assemblies.

The Remuva has a fully configurable nozzle to allow working on smaller, intricate areas or removal of coating across a larger area with full control over air pressure and micro-abrasion material flow.

This flexibility and micro-abrasion material means that the system does not damage adjacent devices, interconnects or printed circuit boards (PCBs).

The Remuva is a bench-top powder-abrasion system designed to selectively remove conformal coatings, including UV40, from various components on PCBs, without causing any mechanical or ESD damage.

Remuva has been developed in conjunction with powder-abrasion-system designer Crystal Mark.

The system is fully equipped with adjustable powder-flow control and air-pressure regulation to enable coating removal from pinpoint areas or the entire board surface.

The system uses carbo-blast, which is proven to be less aggressive than other alternatives.

In situations where conformal coated components are sensitive to ESD, the Remuva utilises a point ioniser to effectively reduce the ESD from reaching levels that could potentially damage components.

This process is achieved by introducing a flow of positive and negative ions into the abrasive path at the exit point of the nozzle tip.

The chamber is also lit with black light, making it easier to see the UV-fluorescing coating that is to be removed.

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