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Detent hinges combine several important functions in one discreet package. The primary function is to allow a door or access panel to be installed in a cabinet or enclosure, while the secondary function is to hold doors open at a predetermined angle, or multiple predetermined angles, hands-free, and without the need for additional mechanical support from a gas spring or folding latch mechanism. 

This integral locking feature has several benefits. Firstly, no additional hardware is required to hold the door open. This lowers overall the overall cost, and lowers weight. Furthermore, the absence of additional hardware provides much better access to the cabinet or enclosure – often vital for tight electrical enclosures and machine control panels.  

Detent hinges are generally more suited to mounting lightweight panels. A typical panel will be plastic, composite or aluminium sheet. In these situations, detent hinges are the optimal choice. Weight and cost are kept low, there are fewer components to maintain and service, and better access is provided.  

Rencol’s detent hinges are available with pre-set detents at various angles, including 0°, 80°, 115° or 150°. Also available is a triple detent hinge with three pre-set detent angles at 0°, 120° and 170°. All hinges are manufactured from a durable thermoplastic and come complete with caps to provide tamper-resistance and protection from contaminants. 

Rencol Components Ltd

Founded in Bristol in 1923, Rencol Components has a long-standing history of design engineering and plastic component manufacturing.

Founded in Bristol in 1923, Rencol Components has a long-standing history of design engineering and plastic component manufacturing. Today, an extensive and industry standard range of plastic and metal knobs, handles, hand wheels, hinges, levers, levelling feet and indexing plungers are manufactured at our partner facilities in Shanghai, China, and distributed from our warehouse facility in Avonmouth, Bristol, and globally to our network of approved distributors.

Rencol offers a flexible custom manufacturing service including bespoke products and the addition of logos, RAL colours, custom insert and thread materials to our standard product line.

Rencol stands for exceptional product quality and reliability, a secure and efficient supply chain and experienced, knowledgeable customer service. Rencol is ISO 9001/2000 certified.

Product categories

  • Plastic knobs
  • Metal knobs
  • Plastic and metal bridge handles, pull handles, door handles, furniture handles
  • Plastic and metal clamping handles and indexing levers
  • Plastic and metal levelling feet, swivel feet, machine feet
  • Index plungers, indexing bolts, cam plungers and ball-spring plungers
  • Plastic cranking handles
  • Plastic handles, revolving handles, taper handles, T-handles, tee handles
  • Plastic and metal handwheels
  • Plastic and metal hinges
  • PVC grip handles
  • Plastic lobe knobs
  • Plastic scallop knobs
  • Plastic wing knobs
  • Plastic star knobs
  • Plastic ball knobs
  • Plastic button knobs
  • Plastic taper knobs
  • Plastic thumbscrew knobs
  • Plastic self-assembly knobs

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