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Renesas Technology Europe has added 16Kb Flash versions to its line-up of low-pin-count SH/Tiny Flash microcontrollers.

The company claims that the lower-memory versions provide a more flexible and cost-effective solution with many advantages over DSPs.

With their performance and small memory sizes, these devices are suitable for performing both real-time control and DSP functions.

The family already includes pin-compatible 32Kb, 64Kb and 128Kb derivatives, which each have 8Kb of RAM.

The 16Kb version includes 4Kb of RAM, making it a low-cost Flash-based SuperH device.

The family, including the 16Kb version, is available in a line-up of packages, including the 10mm x 10mm 64LQFP, the 14mm x 14mm 64QFP, the 10mm x 10mm 48LQFP and the ultra-tiny 8mm x 8mm 64VQFN and 7mm x 7mm 52VQFN packages.

The devices feature ultra-fast metal-oxide nitride oxide silicon (MONOS) embedded Flash, enabling fully deterministic zero-wait operation rated at 65MIPS.

The SH2 32-bit RISC central-processing unit (CPU) core has 16 general-purpose 32-bit registers and a 32×32=64 hardware MAC unit.

The SH/Tiny devices also have a sophisticated MTU2 timer unit with six channels of 16-bit timers, support for up to 16 input capture/output function capacity and a three-phase PWM capability for electrical motors.

Further motor-control features are enabled by a quadrature encoder feedback capability and a special channel that can measure actual dead times, thus enabling both short dead times for high efficiency and safe non-destructive operation of the power stage.

To increase the suitability of these ‘tiny’ powerhouses to motor-control applications, the PWM outputs can be quickly turned off in hardware in case of an emergency shutdown and can drive 15mA for direct connection to opto couplers.

The devices have two ADCs with four channels each, 10-bit resolution and 2us conversion time.

Each ADC can be triggered by the MTU2, with an additional defined delay time to support algorithms such as a single-shunt motor drive.

The SH/Tiny line-up has been developed for white-goods applications, such as induction cooking, washing machines, vacuum-cleaner motor control and inverters, such as in pumps, fans and air-conditioning (HVAC).

The 16Kb version is said to be suitable for these applications.

A motor-control reference platform (MCRP) for BLAC and induction motors is available from Renesas to simplify the design and ensure that the software fits snugly into the 16Kb version.

This MCRP can be taken directly to a customer and tuned to drive the customer’s motor to allow for a live demonstration of the performance of the SH/Tiny device.

The tool chain starts with a low-cost, complete Renesas starter kit (RSK7124), available at around EUR325 (GBP289) via all of Renesas Europe’s distributors.

The kit includes an E10A JTAG-style debugger, a board with LCD and software.

The free-demonstration version of the Renesas C Compiler is also included and has a 256K code size limit, thus supporting the SH/Tiny devices – without limitation – free of charge.

Additionally, Renesas offers a low-cost emulation board that provides functionality, including trace.

These boards make use of the SH7086F high-end microcontroller.

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