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Renesas Technology Europe has announced the availability of a QVGA TFT direct drive solution based on the 32-bit CISC MCU, which is part of the company’s M16C microcontroller platform.

It uses an R32C/111 starter kit and a TFT add-on board developed by Segger – a Renesas Platinum Alliance Partner.

Offering a large embedded RAM and Flash as well as the standard peripherals, using the R32C MCU for the QVGA drive means there is no need for any additional external components, for example, a display driver or external memory components.

This keeps the total solution cost to a minimum, according to Renesas.

To scale peripheral, performance and RAM usage, the solution provides four different colour modes: monochrome, four greyscale, eight greyscale and eight colour.

The R32C/11x group has a maximum operating frequency of 50MHz, which in combination with the enhanced CPU core architecture, delivers an overall processing performance of 42 DMIPS executing code from embedded flash at zero wait.

It also incorporates an on-chip 32-bit multiplier, single-precision floating-point unit (FPU) and 32-bit enhanced barrel shifter for improved operation processing performance.

The R32C/11x group includes a variety of on-chip peripheral functions, including high-functionality timers and four DMA controller channels, as well as 16ch for PWM generation and measurement.

Additional features include nine free scalable USART, 26 channels of 10-bit A/D converter, two 8-bit D/A converter channels and a CRC calculation circuit to reliability.

Typical applications for this solution include the EPOS market, HVAC, energy and security panels and a range of industrial equipment, where external memory requirements make a 16-bit colour depth TFT solution too expensive.

The combination of Segger’s GUI ‘Emwin’ and RTOS ‘Embos’ with the hardware from Renesas is the foundation for the development of an embedded product with QVGA display system.

Both middleware products follow Segger’s strict and efficient coding and documentation standards.

These standards result in the very small Emwin and Embos memory footprints as well as high execution speed and easily readable code.

For easy implementation, Segger offers board support packages for Embos and Emwin optimised for use with the R32C/11x group and TFT add-on-board, as well as a complete trial package.

The R32C/11x group comes in 64, 80, 100 and 144-pin packages scalable with on-chip Flash memory from 128kB to 1MB and RAM memory from 32kB to 63kB.

The QVGA TFT direct drive demo set is available now.

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