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Renesas Technology’s R2J20651NP Integrated Driver-Mosfet is designed for use in the CPU and DDR type SDRAM power supplies used in PCs and servers.

It achieves a power supply efficiency of 96.5 per cent at Vin = 5V, Vout = 1.8V.

It is available in a 40-pin QFN 6 x 6mm package.

The R2J20651NP conforms to the Integrated Driver-Mosfet (DrMOS) Specifications, Revision 3.0 of the Intel Corporation.

It incorporates two high-side/low-side Mosfets and a driver circuit in a single package.

The device achieves the high power supply efficiency by using Renesas’s tenth-generation power Mosfets.

Use of the product can lead to space savings in end product designs, since a reduced heat generation allows a smaller heat sink to be used.

It also allows the number of capacitors and other passive components to be reduced.

The device offers a high thermal dissipation/low-loss package technology.

Compared with the earlier Renesas 8 x 8mm package size, the R2J20651NP reduces the mounting area by about a half.

Because it can handle up to 35A, it can easily be implemented in high-density DC-DC converters.

The R2J20651NP includes a temperature detection function that can output a signal of over-temperature when the driver IC temperature exceeds 130C.

This signal can be used according to the needs of the application, for example, by having the system power supply control IC receive this signal and shut down the system.

The power device can monitor its own temperature and heat generation, allowing it to detect abnormal modes and overload states in advance.

The device also supports a discontinuous operating mode in which the low-side Mosfet is forcibly turned off by internal logic using the LSDBL# connected to the driver IC.

This prevents rapid discharge or load side voltage spikes during pre-bias operation when there is already a voltage remaining on the outputs at startup and at growing efficiency during light-load operation.

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