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Touch probes and probe software that increase machine tool automation, improve process control and allow advanced on-machine part verification featured at Renishaw’s stand at EMO Milan.

For visitors sourcing offline measurement products, there was also Renishaw’s retrofit service for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), including Modus, a high-speed solution for valve seat and guide measurement and a probe for surface finish measurement.

For machine tool testing, the QC20-W wireless ballbar is used for the assessment of machine tool positioning and servo control performance, while Axiset Check-Up checks the alignment and positioning performance of rotary axes.

There was also a range of motion control products, including an optical encoder for rotary and linear applications and a track-mounted linear encoder scale system.

Renishaw introduced touch probe systems that use its frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) probe signal radio transmission technology to allow automated job setup and in-process measurement on all sizes of CNC machine tools.

The ultra-compact RMP40 touch probe is suited to multi-axis and mill-turn applications, while its variant, the RLP40 touch probe, is designed for more hostile turning environments.

A transmission-only module, RMP40M, is also being introduced.

Renishaw has launched an updated version of its Productivity+ suite of PC-based probing software.

A key improvement is a multi-axis option that allows more creativity and efficiency in machining processes, which, supported by Renishaw’s high-accuracy Rengage 3D technology-based touch probes and ultra-compact radio probes, gives process engineers and machinists a choice of flexible process solutions.

Renishaw has also released a new version of its Renishaw OMV Pro software that works with touch probes to give advanced on-machine part verification and machine simulation capabilities.

Now supporting Microsoft Windows Vista, Renishaw OMV Pro 2.02 adds more advanced coordinate measuring machine (CMM) style capability with an extended range of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GDandT) functionality, plus the ability to work with multiple alignments in a single program.

The new version of Renishaw OMV Pro allows users of machine tool touch probes to quickly verify the accuracy of free-form and prismatic parts with a clear reporting format that makes the software accessible to shop-floor staff.

Renishaw offers cost-effective CMM retrofits for all budgets and applications, from touch-trigger probing and three-axis scanning, through to the latest ultra-fast REVO five-axis measurement system.

The company offers a ‘one-stop shop’ upgrade solution, from its Modus metrology software and universal CMM controller, through to sensors and machine calibration.

Renishaw added a probe option for its REVO five-axis measurement system, which allows surface finish inspection to be fully integrated within CMM measurement routines.

With a measurement capability of 6.3 to 0.05um Ra, the SFP1 surface-finish probe provides a single platform that will eliminate the need for handheld sensors, or the necessity to move parts to costly dedicated surface-finish measuring machines, reducing labour costs and inspection lead times.

Renishaw’s five-axis measurement technology is making it possible to quickly collect large amounts of data using helical scans and adaptive scanning techniques.

Within REVO compatible metrology software packages, automated analysis provides a range of attribute data, including valve seat form error, seat circularity profile at any specified height, runout of the seat to the guide bore axis and concentricity of the guide and seat.

At EMO, Renishaw launched the QC20-W ballbar, featuring a linear sensor and Bluetooth wireless technology, which allows testing in three orthogonal planes through a single reference point.

A single hardware setup means quicker testing and the ability to produce a representative volumetric measurement of positioning accuracy.

Renishaw has extended its range of machine-tool testing and calibration systems with AxiSet Check-Up for checking the alignment and positioning performance of rotary axes.

Users of five-axis machining centres and multi-tasking mill-turn machines can identify and report on poor machine alignments and geometry that can cause extended process setting times, as well as non-conforming parts.

The Resolute encoder system offers dirt immunity and is capable of 27-bit resolution at 36,000rpm, giving a resolution of 1nm at 100m/s for linear encoder and angle encoder applications.

Large setup tolerances enable easy installation and high reliability, while low jitter and SDE (Sub-Divisional Error) meet the demands of high-precision stages.

Fastrack is a track-mounted linear encoder scale system from Renishaw that combines +/- 5um/m accuracy with the ruggedness of stainless steel and the quick and easy installation of a carrier-type encoder system.

Designed for applications that demand high accuracy and easily removable scale, the Fastrack scale system consists of two miniature guide rails that securely retain Renishaw’s low-profile scales and allow them to freely expand at their own thermal expansion coefficient with almost zero hysteresis.

If damaged, the scale can be pulled out of the guide rails and quickly replaced, even where access is limited.

Renishaw also showed its full range of metrology products, including machine tool touch probes, CMM probes, laser calibration systems, machine tool performance analysis systems, optical encoders, magnetic encoders and probe styli.


A world leader in engineering technologies, Renishaw’s core skills in measurement and precision machining serve sectors as diverse as dimensional metrology, spectroscopy, machine calibration, motion control, dentistry and surgical robotics.

A world leader in engineering technologies, Renishaw’s core skills in measurement and precision machining serve sectors as diverse as dimensional metrology, spectroscopy, machine calibration, motion control, dentistry and surgical robotics.

Sensors for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are an industry standard, from basic touch-trigger probes through to automated stylus and probe changers, motorised indexing probe heads, and revolutionary five-axis measurement systems.

Machine probes for CNC machine tools allow automated tool setting, workpiece set-up, in-cycle gauging and part inspection. Products include laser tool setters, contact tool setters, tool breakage detectors, touch probes and high accuracy inspection probes.

For motion control, Renishaw supplies laser encoders, optical linear encoders, optical angle encoders, optical rotary encoders, magnetic rotary encoders, magnetic chip encoders and magnetic linear encoders.

To analyse the static and dynamic performance of position-critical motion systems, Renishaw’s laser interferometer and environmental compensation system offers a linear measurement accuracy of 0.5 ppm, readings of up to 50 kHz and a linear measurement speed of up to 4 m/s, with a linear resolution of 1nm.

Renishaw’s Raman spectroscopy products exploit the Raman effect to identify and characterise the chemistry and structure of materials. A diverse range of analytical applications include pharmaceutical, forensic science, nanotechnology, biomedical and semiconductors.

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