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Renold Gears will showcase the Holroyd dual lead wormgear sets at the Chinese CIMT show in Beijing, from 6 – 11 April.

These sets provide a kinematically correct gear that can run in either direction of rotation and on which the backlash is infinitely adjustable from an acceptable maximum to zero.

This makes them suited for use in positional machinery.

The gears are manufactured in matched pairs and the mounting diameters are designed to fit to the customer’s specific requirements.

Transmission testing of the profile of the gears ensures a constant gearing contact throughout its full rotation.

This comprises a continuous measurement of the angular position of the driven wormwheel, relative to where it should be with a perfect gearset, as the driving worm rotates at a uniform rate.

The test measures and records pitch and eccentricity errors and the profile errors of the active part of the profile.

Renold Gears supplies precision gears for positional indexing and rotary table drive manufacturers.

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