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QSX Instruments has announced rental options for its handheld XRF analyser, the Quickshot XRF QSX-HH, which is suitable for RoHS compliance testing, CSPIA screening and other metals analysis.

According to the company, rental programmes for XRF analysers have become increasingly popular in recent years as a method of solving short-term testing needs.

The standard XRF rental plans offered are weekly and monthly options; both of these plans give the renter an opportunity to credit the full rental fee towards the purchase price of the system.

Since many companies with a testing interest do not have experience with portable X-ray fluorescence technology, the option to credit 100 per cent of the rental fee to purchase has become a popular approach for organisations looking to try the technology before making the full investment.

Scott Kramer, director of sales and marketing at QSX Instruments, said: ‘One of the system’s most popular uses is testing for RoHS compliance.

‘Since many organisations with this need don’t know how handheld XRF technology can benefit them, the option to credit 100 per cent of the rental fee lets them use the technology in their real work environment for an extended period of time,’ he added.

In addition to the standard rental plans, QSX Instruments offers long-term rental programmes that include six- and 12-month options.

However, the QSX staff can develop plans for customised rental periods to meet most X-ray fluorescence needs.

No matter what the time period, all have the option to credit a portion of rental fees towards the purchase price.

XRF rentals, as developed by Quickshot XRF, provide two different benefits to the end user.

First, it provides a solution to companies with short-term in-house testing needs that will limit their expense.

Second, the plans offer the opportunity of trying the technology and learning the benefits it offers before making a full investment.

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