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Repic has urged producer compliance schemes to ensure that any changes necessary to designated WEEE collection facilities by PCSs and local authorities are managed efficiently.

The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) and Environment Agencies recently released further clarification on the UK WEEE Regulations.

According to this update, PCSs over- or under-collecting WEEE, compared to their allotted market share, will have to take steps to adjust their WEEE collections from DCFs or face losing scheme approval from the Environment Agencies.

Some PCSs may need to divest DCFs while others need to clear more WEEE.

If this does not happen, and some schemes lose their approval status as a result, local authorities could face disruption to their WEEE collection services.

Repic is keen to eliminate any disruption occurring in the UK WEEE collections network and is in a position to work with more local authorities and their current service partners, to collect the amount of WEEE required by its members without breaching its approval conditions.

Repic is offering local authorities advice on how to double check that their current PCSs are following the code of practice and the regulations.

Essentially, this amounts to PCSs collecting WEEE in line with their household EEE obligations for the 2008-9 compliance period and beyond.

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