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Tesa’s Lift & Reseal reclosure system was launched at the Packaging Innovations show in 2013, and this year’s event saw further product range expansion into the market for resealable packaging.

Pouch packs using Tesa 6917 double-sided tape were featured on the company’s stand at Packaging Innovations London this year.  The simple, effective system allows consumers to open the pack, peel off the tape backing and reseal at least 10 times. Convenient packaging that allows customers to guarantee extended freshness and storage has become widespread across a broad range of foods and snacks and many examples are now to be found in all major supermarkets and food stores. Tesa’s 6917 double-sided tape is well suited to the resealable pouches, having been designed specifically for use with filmic bags.

It consists of a transparent, double-sided polypropylene film with a differential adhesive system that delivers optimum ‘tack’ for the resealing application. The product is production-process friendly and can be easily cut using the hot wire systems common among bag machine producers. Due to the differing adhesion values on each side of the tape, Tesa 6917 offers good removability on the covered adhesive side and comes with fingerlift extended liner for ease of use.

Tesa engineers will provide a full, end-to-end installation service that includes the provision of a tape dispenser. Packaging providers can be assured that the tape dispensers can be integrated into packaging lines within a day, without reducing packaging line speed.

Peter Spencer, Tesa UK’s strategic segment manager, said: “All the market pressures, from government regulations about food waste, retailer demands for improved product quality and consumer preference mean this type of application will continue to develop.”

tesa UK

tesa: a global adhesive tape manufacturer

tesa is one of the leading global brands of adhesive tape with more than 100 years’ experience selling 800 types of tape in more than 100 countries.

tesa: a global adhesive tape manufacturer

tesa is one of the leading global brands of adhesive tape with more than 100 years’ experience selling 800 types of tape in more than 100 countries.

We believe in investing for our future with five per cent of our global turnover going on R&D, which has led to 50 per cent of our sales being from products developed in the last five years. In total we have 350 people employed in tesa’s laboratories around the world filing an average of 70 patents a year.

We strongly believe in offering our customers as much support as possible, and this philosophy, branded tesacohesion®, is now a major contributing factor to winning new business.

tesacohesion®: what we offer the customer

It is our aim to be a sustainable resource to our customers’ businesses and to keep our customers because we deserve to.

We offer expert friendly advice, technical knowledge and expertise, a wide product offering, creative thinking and problem solving and a one-stop solution.

tesacohesion®is based on the 4Ps principle:

  • People: every day our technical sales team operates in the marketplace. When we need more technical support or research backup to solve a problem, we call in the group resources of tesa SE in Hamburg
  • Products: we supply more than 800 different tapes across 100 countries, each one developed for applications in key industry sectors and manufactured with the latest production technology to current globally recognised quality standards
  • Processes: we aim to understand our customers’ processes in depth so we can advise on how best to integrate our tape into your production and improve your processes. We can also help with preparation of standard operating procedures as well as value chain management
  • Performance: we will help you get the maximum performance from your choice: this could mean we need to install special tape-dispensing equipment. We’re also more than ready to provide on-site support and training for your staff and we can help you to develop standard operating procedures that will control and maintain quality

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