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A global resources company has replaced its existing turbine flowmeter with the new portable ultrasonic gas flowmeter from Able Instrument and Controls to ensure reliability and accurate measurement.

The original turbine flowmeter, with its history of failure, regularly needed replacing or repairing, which required total platform shutdown.

The client needed to find an alternative accurate measurement technique that it could utilise with the minimum amount of change or disruption to process.

The flowmeter is required to measure fuel gas usage for European Union emissions trading and reporting.

Accuracy of the metered fuel usage is important to ensure that correct financial payments are made.

With the turbine meter being unavailable for long periods, estimated figures could have resulted in errors in the gas usage and subsequent payments.

Able’s engineers were asked to trial a suitable replacement flowmeter offshore at the beginning of 2008.

The trial utilised the company’s portable clamp-on gas meter with its stable Widebeam technology for high precision and reliability with low maintenance.

The flowmeter is suitable for pipe diameters between 25mm and 1.52m, with a minimum line pressure of 7-10bar.

The portable clamp-on gas meter was suitable for the job; alternative types of flowmeters required expensive modifications to pipe-work configuration.

This was not practical as total platform shutdown is required to accommodate any pipe-work changes.

Able’s clamp-on gas flowmeter is a non-intrusive instrument that can be installed, serviced and maintained without the need for pipe alterations or plant shutdown.

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