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Tregaskiss has upgraded the design of its Tough Lock retaining heads.

At no additional cost to its customers, the Tough Lock retaining heads now feature the company’s dual taper technology – a second rear taper between the gooseneck and the contact tip.

This is designed to further improve electrical conductivity and heat dissipation to provide consistent welding performance and extend the life of the Tough Lock consumables.

The upgrade also complements the existing taper design between the retaining head and contact tip, which helps keep the tip secure, centred and cool.

As part of the Tregaskiss Tough Lock contact system, the new retaining head design complements the company’s Tough Lock contact tips.

These tips are machined with exceptionally tight tolerances and feature a dual-lead thread design that allows the tips to be rotated 180deg to create a new wear position and extend tip life.

The Tough Lock contact tips operate at cooler temperatures than many competitive tips, reducing wear and minimising downtime for changeover.

Useable for both semi-automatic and robotic MIG guns, the Tough Lock system also acts as a common consumable platform to help minimise inventory and reduce consumables cost.

Customers can identify these latest Tough Lock retaining heads by the black O-rings (the preceding single taper design had red or green), the two score marks above the clip and the part number roll-marked along the bottom edge.

All retaining heads with the dual taper technology will have new part numbers.

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