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Revolvo has secured an order from JSPL Jindal Steel and Power for its SRB split roller bearings to operate in a plate mill that JSPL is constructing at its Angul, Orissa production site.

Around 570 of Revolvo’s SRB split roller bearings have been ordered, including shaft sizes from 100mm to 360mm and many supplied with high-strength steel pedestals for use on cooling beds and transfer tables at the plate mill.

Conditions in the plate mill are extremely arduous: 24-hour, seven-day week operation in a very hot and humid environment.

Despite the high temperatures and the tough conditions, the specification for these cooling bed bearings calls for grease lubrication, which is more cost effective and environmentally friendlier than oil lubrication, according to Revolvo.

The cooling beds integrated central lubrication system can optimise bearing re-greasing intervals because the SRB split roller bearing has been designed to operate at high efficiency with very economic re-lubrication requirements.

The Revolvo SRB design incorporates a high-performance precision-bored pocket brass cage.

Brass cages are suitable for this application as they absorb lubricant and perform reliably in aggressive environments.

The SRB split roller bearings incorporate long line shafts that are used on the drive systems for the transfer tables and walking beams.

Typically, these line shafts use between 5-20 support bearings, which are difficult to access in the event of failure or planned replacement.

The length of these shafts means that the time taken to change a solid bearing could be days, requiring extensive drive line disassembly in the case of accessing a trapped bearing; couplings, gears and transmissions would all have to be removed and then reassembled.

In contrast, the totally split to the shaft feature of Revolvo’s SRB split roller bearing facilitates fast bearing change-out that can be measured in hours rather than days.

This ease of assembly/disassembly and reduced downtime also contributed towards the specification of Revolvo SRB bearings on the cooling bed run-out tables at the plate mill.

These tables move steel plates up to 5m wide from the rolling mill stands through the cooling beds in a 24/7 operation, and the concentric sealing feature of the SRB split roller support bearings ensures long-term bearing reliability in a very wet and dirty environment.

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