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Eriez Magnetics’ RevX-E is suited for purifying cullet and plastics, and recovering valuable metal from secondary metals and incineration ash, especially the separation of small particles.

It is the first eddy current separator from Eriez to have an eccentric magnetic rotor to allow single point separation, which is different from the usual concentric design.

It provides separation solutions for the dynamically changing recycling industry.

Like all Eriez eddy current separators, the RevX-E has a strong magnetic rotor that revolves at high speeds inside a non-magnetic shell.

A conveyor belt transports material into the revolving field, where eddy currents are generated in the non-ferrous metals causing the particles to repel away from the rotating magnetic field.

The magnetic rotor of the RevX-E is an eccentric design, where as all other Eriez eddy current separators are of a concentric design.

The eccentric rotor produces a powerful more focused field than the concentric and is designed to maximise separation of non ferrous metals.

It is simple to operate with a robust design and is easy to install into new or existing recycling plants.

When there is a requirement to separate non-ferrous metals, there usually is a reciprocal need for ferrous metal separation.

Ferrous metals are usually removed using either a permanent magnetic drum and/or a permanent suspended overband magnet prior to the eddy current separator.

Eriez has designed a range of modular systems, including any Eriez eddy current separator, where customers can purchase one complete unit to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The type of eddy current separator required for an application is entirely dependent upon the separation objective and usually selected after review of the recycling project by a team of specialist recycling sales engineers.

This often involves testing at the fully equipped Eriez Laboratory in the European headquarters in Caerphilly, South Wales.

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