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Mojix has enabled REWE to use an RFID initiative that improves visibility of goods and management of returnable transport items at its Buttenheim, Germany distribution centre.

This programme at REWE utilises passive RFID to fully equip the 40,000 square-metre distribution centre.

REWE, the third largest food retailer in Europe and the second largest in Germany, operates in 15 countries with more than 15,000 retail outlets and 29 distribution centres in Germany.

Its supply-chain operations in Germany commission about 36 million pallets and roll containers annually.

Sven Jurgens, project manager for RFID at REWE, said: ‘RFID provides the critical link between the flow of goods and information.

‘The new generation of passive RFID technology represented by Mojix now enables this link to be cost effective, empowering new levels of business insight to shipping, asset management and inventory management, as well as improved efficiencies across many logistics processes.’ Jorg Sandlohken, head of standards and projects at REWE, said: ‘The Mojix solution brings a host of advantages versus traditional RFID portal solutions.

‘The dock door and staging area discrimination capability give us reliable identification of RFID tags through dock doors and the RTLS capability enables the tracking of assets in large spaces.

‘The Mojix system is also more compact and easier to integrate and it easily scales, providing cost advantages in large-scale deployments.’ REWE conducted field trials of the Mojix Star system in a deployment at its Buttenheim, Germany distribution centre, which handles dry foods and perishable items.

A Mojix Star system provides the ability to read RFID tags on stacked pallets across the 105 dock doors with 99.9 per cent read accuracy of returnable transport items (RTIs) loading into shipping trailers.

The system performance of 99.9 per cent accuracy effectively addresses past problems in shipping errors, staging and mixed pallets.

With this level of reliability, REWE has established a highly accurate closed-loop system for tracking and management of RTIs, which delivers multiple cost and efficiency benefits, including significant reduction of losses from wrong shipments to retail outlets, effective tracking of goods through the shipping process, and more efficient cost-allocation for RTIs to retail outlets.

For this deployment, the Mojix Star system is integrated with the warehouse-management system to provide RFID data to the larger enterprise.

The Mojix Star system is a revolutionary UHF passive RFID system that brings unprecedented levels of precision, scalability and return-on-investment to radio-frequency identification applications.

The Mojix Star system uses advanced digital-signal processing and a flexible new RFID systems architecture to deliver expanded utility and value to RFID deployments.

The ability to read passive RFID tags over long range, determine tag location and secure and authenticate tag data in one multi-faceted multiple-purpose system, changes the economics of RFID.

The Mojix system taps the performance features of active RFID with the more attractive economics of low-cost passive RFID.

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