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Rewinds and J Windsor has invested in a purpose-built, spiral-welding machine for the reclamation and refurbishment of rotating equipment and other components.

The machine is aimed at chemical and paper processing, quarrying, marine and general industry.

The welder offers fully automated control of the weld-head position and rotating mechanism, which gives high accuracy and repeatability.

The ability to weld dissimilar metals, including high-grade steels, ensures that the finished shaft or component has equal or better strength than the original.

Maximum capacity for shafts is a 1,600mm diameter and maximum length is 6,000mm.

Abrasion- and corrosion-resistant materials can be overlaid onto the existing shaft material, improving the useful performance of the components and extending their life.

Spiral welding equalises the stress built up during normal welding processes.

Where necessary, pre-heating and post-weld heat treatments are carried out in accordance with the appropriate British Standards.

All drive-shaft keyway slots can be repaired and new, accurate keyways can be cut.

Threaded areas can be reclaimed and re-cut successfully, and tapered areas can be repaired.

In addition to shafts and rollers, the internal bores of wheels and other similar equipment can be refurbished to a minimum diameter of 25mm.

Full material inspection is carried out prior to welding; ensuring components are free from cracks or flaws.

Magnetic-particle detection equipment and other non-destructive testing techniques are used throughout the process.

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