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Reznor’s UESA range of condensing gas-fired heaters is designed to cut energy usage and fuel bills in both large and small buildings.

Even at full output, the UESA offers 104 per cent efficiency is still maintained.

Using advanced heat transfer technology and a Macrochannel heat exchanger manufactured from highly conductive aluminium, the UESA provides a high level of heat transfer.

Whereas conventional heaters would lose heat, the exchanger recovers and transfers the heat back into the building – cutting fuel consumption.

The UESA range also qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA).

This is a government scheme that enables businesses to benefit from installing energy-efficient equipment, by claiming 100 per cent first-year capital allowances on the heaters and associated installation costs.

Available in four sizes with heat outputs ranging between 35kW-102kW for use with natural gas or propane, it suits many applications from retail outlets to industrial warehouses.

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