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Intelliconnect manufactures a range of standard RF connectors suitable for medical applications.

In addition to standard coaxial and triaxial types, Intelliconnect offers its fast-turnaround custom design service for non-standard medical connector requirements.

With no NRE costs to customers and low minimum order quantities, Intelliconnect custom-designed medical connectors are suitable for specialised medical products.

The versatility of Intelliconnect products in medical systems is demonstrated by the applications already supplied, including micro-miniature waterproof triaxial connectors used in cochlear ear implants, connectors for RF cancer treatment, radiation dosimeters and detectors, bio-medical test equipment and bionics.

Standard products available from Intelliconnect suitable for medical applications include the TRB and TRT triaxial connector series, which has been designed primarily to reduce noise levels in systems while providing an isolated ground.

The TRB series has a bayonet locking mechanism as designed on the BNC series, while the TRT series has a 7/16-28 thread coupling mechanism as designed on the TNC series.

Both the TRB and TRT series are non-constant impedance and incorporate a third conductor.

These two products feature a clamping construction and weatherproof sealing features that ensure excellent termination to various twin-axial and tri-axial cables.

The waterproof ABMS micro-miniature-size connector series is similar to, and offers the same weight and space benefits of, the standard MCX connector series.

The ABMS connector is a more rugged design, rated to 3,000 mating cycles and waterproof to IP68.

This connector series offers a quick snap-on locking mechanism and is used with small, semi-rigid and flexible cables.

These connectors can also accommodate various PCB, surface, edge, press-fit and bulkhead mounting configurations.

Al Intelliconnect RF connectors are designed in accordance with US MIL-STD-348 and US MIL-PRF, and have an operating temperature range of -65 to 165C.

The ABMS series is waterproof to IP67/68.

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