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GAO RFID Asset Tracking is offering its 433MHz small active radio-frequency identification (RFID) asset tag finished with PVC to withstand adverse environments.

It is designed for use in asset tagging applications such as laptops, IT equipment, vehicles and transport media.

This RFID tag is also suitable for use on metallic surfaces or plastics containing a high metal content.

It is part of the company’s RFID Active Tags – 433Mhz range of products.

The small active RFID asset tag, model 124018, provides a maximum transmission range of 60m and has an estimated lifetime of five years when transmitting at a 1.5-second interval.

It features a small form factor, configurable settings, stability and a collision avoidance algorithm.

This low-power-consuming tag is powered by an internal battery and will transmit a radio-frequency (RF) signal at a preset time interval for the duration of its life.

The tag transmits data including customer site code (CSC), tag ID, tag age counter value, movement alarm and tamper alarm status.

In addition, the standard method to mount and affix a tag is by VHB-type double-sided adhesive tape.

GAO RFID Asset Tracking

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