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GAO RFID is offering a semi-passive RFID badge card specifically designed for monitoring personnel and in asset-tracking applications, such as vehicle yard management and IT asset tracking.

With its high signal-received sensitivity and backscatter efficiency, the RFID tag is said to provide good visibility of the asset or person, enhancing control, security and accountability.

The card is part of GAO’s RFID semi-passive tags product range.

The Class Three RFID card – the model 136008 – operates over a frequency range of 902-928MHz for North America and 865-868MHz for Europe and India.

It offers good read/write reliability in real-world environments, long-range operation of up to 50m in open space and 35m in other environments, and 64kb on-tag memory to store personnel information, authentication keys, history or other data directly on the tag.

The transponder incorporates a clip-on slot for convenient tagging to clothing and may be worn on a lanyard.

It has a low turn-on threshold, multi-stage wake up, and built-in application-specific security.

Lockable read/write user memory protects data integrity.

The card’s data rate is 8kb/s for forward link and 8 or 32kb/s for reverse link.

The card also has an IP55 protection rating.

GAO RFID Asset Tracking

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