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GAO RFID’s semi-passive RFID response tag series offers automatic and precise real-time data collection for the identification, tracking and location of assets and people without human intervention.

The series provides users with a diverse selection of options and housing designs depending on application.

These tags are compatible with GAO’s RFID interrogator PC card (227001) and RFID reader (227003).

The semi-passive RFID response tag series, model 137005, operates at a frequency of 868MHz for Europe and 915MHz for North America.

Using semi-passive technology, the tags can communicate with either a handheld or fixed RFID reader from a distance of up to six meters.

It features a high upload rate of 15.2kb/s, a high download rate of 38.4kb/s and a long data retention time of more than 10 years.

Designed with an advanced anti-collision multi-tag-handling algorithm, the RFID response tag series can simultaneously identify up to 2,000 tags at an identification rate of 100-tag/s with a fast identifying time of less than 10ms in the read zone.

The tag series offers a 64-byte data memory to store information for real-time tracking and tracing.

It is furnished with credit-card-style packing and industrial housings for reliable use even in harsh environments.

Additionally, the semi-passive RFID response tag series has low power consumption, allowing it to operate effectively for more than six years without battery replacement.

GAO RFID Asset Tracking

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