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FTL Seals Technology partner Simrit has developed a new surface treatment procedure for seals that is designed to eliminate sticking effects.

Using Reduced Friction by Nanotechnology (RFN), Simrit is able to modify elastomer materials in a way that reduces the co-efficient of friction and, consequently, sticking effects, and also keeps it virtually constant over the entire service life of the component.

The vast majority of armatures in modern solenoid valves are elastomer composite parts.

This explains why the reliability and serviceability of such solenoid armatures depend on both deformability and adhesion minimisation, which reliably prevents an elastomer from sticking to the valve seat.

In many applications, reducing adhesion is a basic prerequisite for the functionality of the entire valve.

The contact area (in other words, the component’s geometry, roughness and topology), contact pressure force, mechanical and technological material properties such as hardness, modulus, and damping, the chemistry of the surface, and the lubricating media all have a direct influence on the size of the sticking effect.

RFN is said to minimise these sticking effects.

In addition to these primary functional improvements, the technology for reducing a material’s tendency to stick has other advantages.

The reduction in adhesion prevents the so-called ‘Monday morning effect’; even switching times are possible; lower magnetic forces save on installation space and allow for miniaturisation; an increase in the service life of the solenoid valve; an improvement in chemical resistance; a reduction in permeation as a result of the barrier effect; no additional coatings (for example, on the seal seat) are necessary; RFN is FDA-compatible.

In addition, the performance of RFN solenoid armatures does not diminish even after well over 700 million switching cycles.

There is no negative effect on the sealing characteristics of the elastomer; elastic properties are maintained.

RFN does not have any negative effect on the evenness and the roughness of the sealing surface.

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